Monday Gaming

So here we are with another Monday. Things have been relatively busy for me, with Christmas and everything. I’ve been playing a lot of Dark Souls: Remastered on the Nintendo Switch, which I will most likely get to writing about at some point. There hasn’t been a whole lot of interesting gaming news that is worth me commenting on, so I guess it’s been pretty silent on that front as well. There have been a few other games that I’ve gotten around to trying, so I guess I will talk about that stuff.


First off, Dark Souls: Remastered.  I honestly feel like this game feels a pretty darn fluid compared to what I remembered when I had played it originally on the PlayStation 3. I couldn’t really remember much about Dark Souls; I mean it had been 7 years since I played it. But, I was a little surprised at fair the difficulty felt. Aside for a few points of feeling like I had hit a brick wall, I would say that things felt consistent and fair. There was a lot more balancing than I remembered, but, yes – there was also difficulty spikes. Like I said, I’ll get back to writing about this one more later on. But as for now, it’s pretty darn great on the Nintendo Switch.


So outside of Dark Souls: Remastered, I had also tried out L.A. Noire on the Nintendo Switch. I didn’t really put a whole lot of time into this one, but it seemed to be relatively decent still. I noticed some changes from when I had originally played this game back on the PlayStation 3. It wasn’t really anything drastic, but, there was a change to when you were questioning someone. Other than that, I couldn’t really tell much of a huge difference. I remember the game looking amazing back in the day, and it still looks pretty good. But, it does sort of feel odd looking at the facial aspects of the game now. So it’s alright, maybe I’ll get back to this one eventually. Who knows.


Finally, I also tried Sega Genesis Classics on the Nintendo Switch. I went through a few of the games, and everything seemed alright. I do feel that it is a bit disappointing that certain games weren’t available on the collection, but it still seemed to offer a pretty decent library of old Genesis games. I did like the inclusion of ToeJam & Earl, since I feel that that game is one of the better games from the Sega Genesis. I am a bit disappointed that Sonic & Knuckles wasn’t included, I actually have been wanting to run through that game again lately. I don’t really understand the point of not making this thing as complete as it could be. Are they planning on selling it again? Like why…why not just have every game from every compilation that they’ve made.  I guess I just don’t understand.

Anyways, that’s all that I’ve really been up to. Things have started to calm down, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the thick of things. I’ll definitely be back with Dark Souls: Remastered at some point, it’s just a matter of when. I mean, I am still playing the game. But, until next time. I hope everyone has a happy new year, and…yeah… I’ll get back here with something else as soon as I can.


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