THQ Nordic acquiring the Kingdoms of Amalur IP is Great News

Waking up today, after enjoying my daily morning cup of coffee of course. I decided to browse the internet for any sort of interesting news to read. My eyes immediately widening to the fantastic news of THQ Nordic obtaining the Kingdoms of Amalur IP.  Yes, those words were written and I never thought I’d see the day. Developed in 2012 by former MLB player Curt Schilling’s company 38 Studios, and published by EA. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was a game I thought was too ambitious for it’s own good and thus ultimately created it’s own demise burying itself under failed sales expectations which at the time may have been a little too high for a new IP. These unrealistic expectations destroyed the possibility of any potential sequel as well as an MMO that I believe was being developed alongside Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. At least any possibility at the time lost with the closure of the studios who worked on Amalur not long after it’s release, Big Huge Games and 38 Studios. With a world designed by the great Ken Rolston, a man who to this day whenever I see his name come up I immediately think of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, this was a brand new IP at the time that could have been something big with Rolston creating a world truly magnificent that I’d say rivals many other fantastic Action RPG’s but found itself being too large to carry its own weight for companies (outside of EA) that were still relatively new.

At the time of Amalur’s release, to me, I had always thought of it as being more like something of Sacred 2’s nature albeit a far superior combat system as well, remembering at the time combat being compared to God of War. Also having the ability to change the way your character plays via cards. Do you want to be a big brutal melee character, or a fast attacking rogue? With Amalur’s system I remember being able to do all that without the need of creating a new character entirely and was a neat little system that allowed you to switch it up if you found yourself getting bored. With what at the time I thought was a very interesting world sectioned by zones, again, much like Sacred 2. I had always thought this was probably the strongest point of the game. To me exploration is HUGE in any sort of Action RPG when it comes to design and Kingdoms of Amalur did not disappoint on that front. Trying to completely remember off hand I believe this wasn’t a very short game either and did eventually follow up with a few smaller DLC’s in Teeth of Naros and Legend of Dead Kel. It’s been a while since I’ve played both DLC’s one of which I believe you received a personal player home at some point. As well as a combat arena DLC being available at launch being locked behind the infamous season pass, which was at the time being pushed into every game.

All in all this is great news, great news for me, and great news for an IP that I personally felt like should’ve been something that stuck around for years, it was a magnificent game at the time of its release and still something I recognize as one of the better Action RPG’s of the PS3/Xbox 360 era. Hopefully this means more for Amalur, maybe we can see a sequel one day. As for now lets see what THQ Nordic does with the IP, a remaster would be great… As well as a Nintendo Switch version.


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