The Strange Re mastery of The Last Remnant

To my surprise, I found myself waking up today with the news of the 2008 Square-Enix RPG the Last Remnant being re:mastered for the Playstation 4. While not being a game I had been able to play myself, it was one of which I was very familiar with.. At least on the Xbox 360. See the Last Remnant was a game I remember passing up on with the intention of playing a Playstation 3 version, which at the time was still announced to be coming but in the end never released. After a while not finding myself paying too much attention with the game as a whole, I never heard anything really positive of the 360 version. With people complaining of the game crashing or just straight up not working at all, this was at the time something I was actually disappointed to find out about.  In the end, years passed and I still have not gone around to playing this game albeit eventually picking it up at a discount on the Xbox 360 and maybe that in itself was a blessing in disguise. Having the chance to play a more updated version of the Last Remnant with all the technical kinks worked out might be an overall better experience and leave a better impression in the end towards the people who had to endure it during its most disastrous form. With the Last Remnant, an Alpha Protocol re:master being teased by Obsidian, and THQ Nordic’s acquisition of Kingdom of Amalur I am in my mind hoping the possibility of RPG’s  getting more updated versions. How bout it Konami? I think Suikoden’s been tucked in the basement for way too lon at this point.


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