So What Happened to that PS2 to PS4 section?

Being someone who could safely say they spent most of their teenage years primarily playing the Playstation 2 during the early parts of 2000’s, it’s no secret that I have a lot of fond memories of the PS2 era. Be it nostalgia or otherwise, the Playstation 2 was a huge part of my life whether I try to hide it or not. From single player masterpieces like Metal Gear Solid 3 or Resident Evil 4 to online games that consumed much of my youth such as SOCOM: US Navy SEAL or Final Fantasy XI. This was actually something I can’t express enough was something that I myself, as well as others, had highly looked forward to since the initial inception of PS2 to PS4 releases. I can still remember the moments of games like Bully being thrown on the store and jumping at the chance to replay something I enjoyed as a kid, and something I still enjoyed as an adult playing through a second time. The section had also given me a chance to try games I had not been particularly familiar with such as Red Faction or Psychonauts. Indigo Prophecy had been a game I remembered as a kid but never got around to playing it until.. well… it had came out on PS4 giving me a chance to actually try it.

Backwards compatibility to me is still huge. It’s probably been repeated thousands of times by now but, as we get older it becomes harder and harder to access those old games with certain circumstances preventing the ability to even play the games without using some kind of 3rd party programs on a PC. Consoles eventually break, the PS2 I had spent years playing can’t even read discs anymore without some kind of fiddling around with. Now you can say at a time Sony did consider backwards compatibility at one point or another during the PS3 era. The original fat PS3’s were able to emulate PS1 and PS2 games allowing at least playability. The PS2 backwards compatibility was eventually scrapped from the PS3, while strangely leaving in the less current PS1 compatibility. It’s not something I want to complain about, I still find myself randomly popping on games like Sim City 2000 or Theme Hospital to this day, so it’s certainly a feature I’ve taken advantage of. At the end of the day it’s at least having the option to play these games. Especially the games that are still being sold!


Now with anything there is always a flip side to these things. The PS2 to PS4 games have updated scaling to high-definition as well as trophy support and share play features. My argument to that is, does any of that even matter that much? I found myself playing Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind on the Xbox one after that was released on their backwards compatibility list and I was just thankful that I could play the game. Yes Morrowind on the Xbox One seems to run and look a lot better (it still looks terrible) than I remembered it originally but there was no achievements added to it or anything. There wasn’t any huge leaps and bounds to play a game that I purchased over a decade ago. I just popped the game in, downloaded an update and it was ready to go. THIS is something I want Sony to adapt, and yes while the added features are great and all it would just be nice to be able to even play these games in the first place. To name a few, games like the Suffering, Evil Dead: Regeneration or Cold Fear. These forgotten games weren’t lucky enough to be developed and published by companies who keep up with re releases like Capcom or SNK. They’re kind of being lost to the ages in a way and it’s a shame too. Nostalgia is strong these days and replaying the games of yesterday is just something that should always be considered. Playstation NOW on the other hand. Well that’s a subject for another day.


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