Revisiting Dragon Age: Inquisition

Over the week I’ve found myself putting in a substantial amount of time replaying a game I hadn’t bothered picking up again since its initial release. That game of course, being none other than Dragon Age: Inquisition. Originally released in November of 2014 and being the last Dragon Age released by Bioware, at least as of 2018. This was a game that had received multiple game of the year awards, as well as praise from just about everywhere. It’s a game I feel has aged remarkably well, at least in terms of its gameplay, for it’s 4 year time span and something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed revisiting with the opportunity of being able to access some of the add-on content that I had not originally been able to play the first time around. As of this moment in time, I’ve put in around 40 hours and have decided now would be a good opportunity to share my thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition, picking it up again after so many years.


Starting with what I feel are the high points of Dragon Age: Inquisition, it’s always easy to quickly point out the obvious in that of Bioware’s story telling. The writing itself being great for the most part, along with the voice acting, I’ve found the character interactions to be the most pleasant. Random conversations between party members while traveling can come off as so ridiculous that it’s fantastic at the same time, with both bickering and sly comments directed towards each other. In one case, I can remember a party member threatening to put spiders in another’s mouth while they slept. It just isn’t what you’d expect when most of the dialogue in the game can come off as very serious for the most part.

Another positive for me comes in the form of the area design, with some of the places visited being massive with extensive detail and environments that come off with rich atmospheric vibes. From the expansive, grassy Hinterlands and the arid desert of the Western Approach to the creepy Fallow Mire and the Fade, these were just some of the areas ripe for exploration, providing hours of content from just running along the off beaten path and stumbling across a random cave full of treasures, lore books or even a side quest. To me, exploring in Dragon Age: Inquisition was by far the most satisfying experience for the most part during my current time.


While I can safely say for the most part, I’ve been happily spending my time replaying Dragon Age: Inquisition, not everything has been completely grand, as there has been a few annoyances. My biggest and most notable peeve coming in the form of the menu screen. It’s just ugly to look at and gives a very clunky feeling on top of the ill thoughts I get whenever I have to access it. It just looks like a supreme mess with far too much going on for something that should be simplistic and something that should feel extremely obvious like equipping better gear, it’s something that can become relatively annoying with the amount of items you can find yourself picking up at any given time. Inventory management can also become a pain in this view, though not completely bad as there is a button that allows you to move items to valuables cleaning up the equip screen and allowing a way to quickly sell junk to merchants. Still, this is really the only noteworthy complaint I have with the game and something that I may be alone on, who knows.


At the end of the day, it’s safe to say I’ve been having a blast replaying Dragon Age: Inquisition. With Bioware’s Anthem on the horizon, I am truly hoping we’ll eventually see a follow-up to Inquisition eventually. It’s been years and I feel we’re overdue, but until then Dragon Age: Inquisition is still an enjoyable game in a series that I’ve admired from the beginning with Origins. It would be a nice change of pace at the very least, I feel like these last few years have been loaded with way too many sci-fi games very similar to what something like Anthem is even offering and as skeptical as I’ll probably stay until it releases and I try the game myself. I’ll keep holding out in hopes of Bioware’s eventual return to fantasy with Dragon Age.




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