5 Playstation 2 Games I’d Like to See Remastered

Over the past few weeks, I’ve wanted to come up with a small list of Playstation 2 era games that I feel deserve remasters. While some of these admittedly may not be the best games, some of them holding average Metascores if that matters. These are still titles I feel should be taken into consideration to be brought back into the spotlight for, at the very least, a brief moment and hopefully some day end up being games we eventually see available on the more modern consoles. We’re seeing a lot of remastered games these days, why not hold out in the hopes of seeing some games I have fond memories of being thrown into the mix. Again, this is probably more of a personal list so take it how you will, there are loads of fantastic Playstation 2 games that should get recognition, this is just 5 games I’d like to see get the remastered treatment.


#5 The Suffering

Starting off my list with a game that I feel has become a bit forgotten over the years. I bring you the psychological horror game The Suffering. Initially releasing back in 2004 for the Playstation 2, Xbox and PC, this was a game developed by Surreal Software and published by Midway. It was a game I remember being heavily marketed during my youth, and while the game did spawn at least one sequel, which was considered a commercial failure, The Suffering itself did at the very least sell reasonably well enough to where I feel it should warrant a remaster. Adding in, while I feel that this game may lean a bit more towards the action oriented side, as there is a lot of combat, I do feel we can always use more horror games in any form these days. Having a lot of options to place in this of my list, I felt as though this game deserved a little more recognition, it was a game I had hoped would have eventually popped up on the Playstation 4’s PS2 to PS4 section, though that never happened, so I decided to bring it to light here.



#4: Suikoden V

Next up on my list and another tough choice, as I didn’t want to have multiple games in a single series clogging up a list, I decided to add in Suikoden 5 . Having the tough choice of choosing between either Suikoden 3 or Suikoden 5, both being good games in their own right, I decided to go with Suikoden 5 for this list. Being a highly under rated RPG in my eyes, this Konami developed RPG was still a fantastic entry into the Suikoden series. The Suikoden series as a whole seems as though it’s fallen straight off of the Earth, with the last release coming in 2012 and not even making its way to North America.With the resurgence of JRPG’s coming in the last little while, I feel like now would be the best chance for Konami to strike while the iron is hot and give this game, and maybe even the entire Suikoden catalog, much-needed remasters.


#3: Radiata Stories

Coming in at the half way mark, and a personal favorite of mine, the tri-Ace developed, Square-Enix published action RPG, Radiata Stories. Released in 2005, this was another one of those forgotten JRPG’s that seemed to just fade away with time. Having played this one very late into the Playstation 2 life cycle, as the Playstation 3 was already a few years old, Radiata Stories is still a game I found much enjoyment from with its large cast of recruitable characters, an interesting enough storyline, and enjoyable combat. Though this is by no means the best tri-Ace game, it is however, like the previous two games I’ve mentioned in this list, another under rated RPG I feel should have already made it to the PS2 to PS4 section and overall, it’s just another game that I feel should have been remastered years ago.


#2: Xenosaga Episode I

Slowly but surely rounding things out, as well as adding yet another JRPG. I figured this would be the perfect time to add the 2002 Monolith Soft developed, Namco published video game, Xenosaga Episode I. Monolith Soft has quietly become a company that has developed quite a few high quality role-playing games over the past decade with the more recent Xenoblade Chronicles 2 being one of the better modern JRPG’s, I feel like this is another missed opportunity to bring a series back to life with a remaster. Although Monolith Soft is now owned by Nintendo, and the Xenosaga trilogy being on the Playstation 2, I feel like Namco could very easily find a way to port Xenosaga onto the modern consoles, Xenosaga Episode I was a well crafted RPG and a solid game in a trilogy that has probably been long forgotten for way too long.


#1: SOCOM II U.S. Navy Seals

Finally rounding things out and getting to the number 1 Playstation 2 game I feel that needs a remaster, I give you none other than SOCOM II U.S. Navy Seals. Released in 2003 and developed by the now defunct Zipper Interactive, this tactical shooter was for a very long time one of the best, if not the best, online multiplayer game available on the PS2, and one I invested a lot of time playing. The game itself offering solid improvements from its predecessor, from the addition of an actual health bar to greatly improving squad AI for the single player campaign, and adding a substantial amount of playable maps to the online multiplayer portion. This game really was an easy choice for my top spot all things considered and the fact that it hasn’t been remastered after all these years is something I still find baffling, though admittedly if it ever does happen I would be highly skeptical of how features such as the ability to communicate with your squad via voice communications would work, or even the multiplayer aspect, which I feel was the main selling point of the SOCOM series during this era. The SOCOM franchise to this day still holds a dedicated fan base and even though there have been other entries on the Playstation 3, the classic Playstation 2 era SOCOM games still remain some of the most memorable tactical shooters to date. All I know is that if there is one game that has been long overdue for a remaster, it’s definitely SOCOM II.

There you have it, 5 Playstation 2 games I’d like to see remastered. There was a few others I wanted to add, but maybe I’ll save them for another day. The Playstation 2 library of games is one that I look back on so fondly that trying to squeeze in 5 seemed difficult but at the end of the day I’m happy with this. As much as I would love backwards compatibility for the Playstation 4, finding some of these games may be difficult, straight remasters or any kind of easy way to access these games digitally would be fantastic. Here’s to hoping we see something in the future!


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