Features I’d Like to See On the PlayStation 5

With the recent news of Sony working on a successor to the PlayStation 4, I decided now would be a good time to come up with a small wish list of features that I hope make it to the PlayStation 5 in some way. Keep in mind, that I feel that the PlayStation 4 is already a pretty solid console itself. These are just some of the features I’d like to see on the PS5.


Getting an obvious one out of the way. The first feature I’d like to see added on the PlayStation 5, is backwards compatibility. I figured this one would be a really easy one to mention, with backwards compatibility being a feature I strongly feel should have been included on the PlayStation 4. This isn’t exactly a feature that would be new for Sony platforms, as both the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 were able to play original PlayStation 1 games, with the PlayStation 3 also being able to play PlayStation 2 games with Sony’s initial PS3 model. I’m hopeful that the PS5 will at the very least be able to play the PS4 library, but overall I feel like if I still have a disc for a game on a Sony platform I should still be able to access the game.


Staying on the subject of the games themselves, the next thing I’d like to see is bigger library for PlayStation Now. Sony has a vast amount of games split between all of their consoles that I feel should have been made accessible through PS Now a long time ago. This includes both the PSP, and PS Vita library of games as well. With the discontinuation of PS Vita TV, this could be another way to playing the Vita library on a television and a way to give more people access to the under rated Vita’s library. I guess the only concern here would be the touch screen functions that were included on the early PS Vita games. All of that being said, I feel it would be nice to be able to more of Sony’s library through PS Now and something I’d appreciate seeing on the PS5.


The next thing I’d like to see is more networking features through the PlayStation Network. Over the past few years, I’ve come to appreciate Xbox Live’s additional game statistics through the game hub menu. I feel like it’s a nice extra thing to have. Being able to see and compare things like the amount of time spent in game, as well as miscellaneous stats like enemies defeated, with friends. I feel like Sony could take this feature and somehow improve on it in some way with more options and the ability to use it via the community hub. Additionally, I feel as though a dedicated trophy leaderboard would be a nice feature as well, as the only real way of tracking trophy leaderboard rankings is through third party websites. It’s kind of baffling to have a feature ripe for rankings and not do anything with it. Hopefully the PS5 changes that.


Another thing I’d like to see is improved quality on the PlayStation’s video recording and streaming. Sure having the ability to do this without a capture card is nice, but that doesn’t change the fact that the 720p playback quality is terrible. Excluding screenshots, as the quality for taking pictures has been fine. I’ve found that the quality of video clips I’ve recorded or streamed has been just downright awful. With streaming becoming so huge, I feel like it would be a fantastic idea for Sony to put a bit more dedication into this one for the PS5. Additionally, I feel like it would be nice to be able to send short recorded clips to friends, as well as the ability to post them to the community hub. Just another small thing that I feel should be allowed.

In the end, the PlayStation 5 is still a few years off. Most of the things I’ve mentioned could possibly be added in the time between now and the PS5’s eventual launch. As of this moment though, any of the ideas I’ve mentioned are things that I’m hoping for. There’s a few other things I’d like to see, like a gifting option through PSN purchases, but overall I think I’m just hoping that Sony primarily improves on the PlayStation Network for the PS5.  Either way, I can’t wait to see what Sony has in store for the future.


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