Diablo Immortal and More Red Dead Redemption 2

Having spent most of the weekend finishing up Red Dead Redemption 2, I figured I would give some bonus thoughts on it this week. Before doing that, however, I’d like to throw in my opinion on the recent announcement of Diablo Immortal and what I think about It, as it had been met with negative reception from its fan base.

From a personal standpoint, I don’t think I can consider myself a hardcore fan of the Diablo series these days. I still play the games, just not as religiously as I used to. I suppose at the very least, I can at least say I have a long history with the series. In fact, my history with Diablo goes back almost 20 years, with the first Diablo being my initial entry into the series. Apart from that, I guess you could probably say I was a bit of a hardcore Diablo 2 player during the early Lord of Destruction days, having spent many summer vacations and winter breaks endlessly farming Mephisto and Baal runs for those sweet unique items during my early teenage years. Diablo 2 at that point, was surprisingly a big part of my life, though I did eventually end up playing it a lot less after being introduced to the MMO Final Fantasy XI. As for Diablo 3, I don’t think I had spent nearly as much time on that one, though I did admittedly enjoy the story for both the base game and the Reaper of Souls expansion. So that all being said, this brings me to Diablo Immortal.

Admittedly, I guess I found the news to be pretty underwhelming. I thought the trailer and gameplay looked interesting but I just feel that it’s hard to find myself all that interested in any kind of mobile game regardless of the series, as I feel most of them can be cheap cash grabs. In all honesty, I just feel like Diablo Immortal is going to be a hard one for me to keep an eye on. I’ve always felt like the Diablo series was something that just felt at home with a mouse and keyboard, playing it any other way feels a bit odd for me. I guess I just can’t really imagine myself pawing away at this one with my greasy fingers. That all being said, I think had Blizzard announced Diablo 4 or even another Diablo 3 expansion, I’d probably find myself being a lot more ecstatic. A spin-off mobile Diablo though? Sorry but no, I think I’m just going to have to take a pass on this one and hope for another main Diablo entry in the future.


With that out of the way, I guess I’ll get into my final thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2. This will 100% be my last time, I promise. Be warned before going in though, as there are some spoilers.


After finally coming to a close with Red Dead Redemption 2, after putting in close to 80 hours worth of gameplay, I guess I found myself a little surprised at how well Arthur had been written. I felt like his death was an incredibly unfortunate way to go, with the events leading up to that point feeling a bit emotional. Even though it had sort of been expected that Arthur was going to die, I felt as though it was tragic nonetheless. Going out from succumbing to a sickness couldn’t have been something easy for someone who basically seemed like he was the backbone of Dutch’s group, and pretty much seemed extremely concerned for the betterment of everyone in the gang. This was a character I had come to actually appreciate far more than whom you play as afterwards.

In the last part of Red Dead Redemption 2, to the surprise of no one, you take control of John Marston. I figured that the Epilogue portion would lead up into the first Red Dead Redemption game, it doesn’t completely, but at the very least it leads into Marston’s family coming to own Beecher’s hope. With the ending of the game coming from the inevitable showdown against Micah. After which, John finds the money from the gang’s initial heist in Blackwater and the game pretty much ends there with credits and then a brief scene of Abigail and John conversing under a tree at Beecher’s Hope.

One thing I did notice upon completion of Red Dead Redemption 2, was just how much of the map was left unexplored on the southern part of the map. Aside for a few bounties, there was almost nothing down there and left me kind of scratching my head.  I’m assuming these parts will be used for either future downloadable content or Red Dead Online. Either way, it really did feel like a significant part of the map just existed for the sake of having a bigger world. In fact, outside of a few extra towns and a fort, the only other thing I had noticed was a shack randomly exploding out in the desert. I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an absolutely fantastic game no matter which way I look at it. It was an absolute pleasure to play, and something I feel I could highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of open world games.

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