Resident Evil 2 Remake – A Glorious Return to Survival Horror

The original Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation was always one of the scariest games that I remember from my childhood. Atmospherically, the game had a very dark tone to it. There was something chilling about the characters, the enemies, and the overall setting of the game. There was always this tense feeling like something … Continue reading Resident Evil 2 Remake – A Glorious Return to Survival Horror


Gaming Adventure Update: IV

Hello everyone, last week was a very busy and exciting one. I have been playing a few games, with the most notable being the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Don’t worry, I’ll get to everything. So, starting off with something on the Nintendo Switch is a game that isn’t really new or anything. I had, yet … Continue reading Gaming Adventure Update: IV

Gaming Adventure Update: II

Time for another gaming update! It’s been a pretty busy week on the gaming front, a lot of stuff to talk about. But first, I wanted to talk about Bungie’s split from Activision. First of all, congratulations to Bungie for getting away from the shackles of Activision. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens … Continue reading Gaming Adventure Update: II