Final Fantasy XIV – A Journey Through the Land of Eureka Pyros

Earlier in the week, I had mentioned that I had jumped back into Final Fantasy XIV in an attempt to catch up with some of the games more recent content. After finally reaching level 50 in Eureka Pyros, I decided I would talk a little bit about Pyros, and my experiences with the content itself. Since Eureka’s introduction into Final Fantasy XIV it has been something that has seemingly been received with mostly lukewarm reception. While I personally feel that Eureka itself is alright for the most, I do at least feel that it’s been something that seems to be a lot more enjoyable when playing with people who have a tendency to be more social, otherwise it feels relatively monotonous.  Anyways, let’s just get straight to it.

Getting a bit into Eureka Pyros, I feel that I should first mention that the level cap for the content was raised from 35 to 50. For the most part, it felt as though leveling up in Pyros is ridiculously fast compared to the previous installments of Eureka, as the Notorious Monsters now seemed to give a significantly large amount of experience points this time around. I can honestly say I appreciate that aspect a bit more, since Eureka feels a lot more enjoyable once you’ve hit the level cap, and have the ability to access your mounts and make use of the areas Aetheryte teleports. I still would like to mention that even with the easier leveling, this feels like the most dangerous iteration of Eureka, as even being at the level cap there are still a lot of sections of the map full of incredibly nasty enemies.


In terms of upgrading your relic weapons, things seem to be mostly similar to the previous Eureka installments. Obtaining these upgrades still involve collecting a number of the main zone boss drops, as well as a large number of the area’s crystals, which are obtained through participating in the Notorious Monster battles. Not completely the same however, is the process in which these upgrades become available. In order to be able to upgrade your weapon, and collect the Pyros armor, you now need to unlock a certain number of logos actions. These actions can be obtained by appraising logograms, which are obtained through chain farming various enemies, and by completing the bunny treasure hunts. Apart from that you can also obtain new logos actions by combining several of your available logograms to create a new action. The actions themselves consist of different abilities for use on different jobs with some examples being able to use Cure on a DPS class, or being able to provoke and tank an enemy on classes that aren’t tanks. I feel as though I should also mention that this time around the Eureka weapon has randomized stats. These stats can be rerolled by performing yet another mind numbing light grind, though I suppose this could be looked at as completely optional step.


As for the area of Eureka Pyros itself, its split between two sections with the southern part of Pyros being a snow filled area and the northern portion having cavernous area with molten lava. Both sections of Eureka Pyros seem to consist of their fair share of high level enemies as well, with the Northeast and Southwest sections of Pyros each containing level 50-55 enemies. I would honestly go as far as to say that Pyros is easily the most dangerous part of Eureka released to date, but I can also say that at the same time I’ve found it to easily be the best iteration of Eureka thus far, though that may not really be saying all that much.


In closing, I suppose all there is left for me to say is that while I feel that Eureka Pyros is a huge improvement compared to its predecessors, it feels like it’s still lacking that special something to truly separate itself from being just an instanced version of Final Fantasy XIV’s open world boss fates.  I think that the punitive nature of Pyros feels a lot higher compared to the other Eureka zones as well, since there had been points where I actually had found myself being brutally destroyed in some of Pyros more treacherous spots, either when searching for bunny chests or going on a rescue mission to raise a dead party member. I guess all that I can really say in the end is that once I finish my relic weapon, I don’t think I’ll have the energy to make a return to Pyros.  


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