Gaming Update #10

So it’s been a mild week on my front. I’ve been busy with college and whatnot. I did manage to pop on Black Desert Online for a few hours, and was almost immediately bored. I think that I’m just going to stick with Final Fantasy XIV for my MMO kick. Other than that I did want to get around to trying out the Daemon X Machina demo on the Nintendo Switch. I was pretty interested in that game for a while now, so I’m interested in seeing how it is.


I’ve still been playing Far Cry New Dawn, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to put a good amount of time into it. I’m hoping to finish it before I get my copy of the Division 2, otherwise I’ll probably forget about it. It just depends on how my workload is the entire week.


And finally, as for The Division 2, my friend and I intended on playing through it cooperatively when it released later this week. Bugs aside, I’m looking forward to this one. I actually liked the first Division despite its problems. It was fun to play around with friends. I actually skipped Anthem because I figured that I would rather have The Division 2. I’ve honestly been wondering if there were other people who had skipped Anthem outright for the same reason. I mean, I love Bioware but Anthem did look very similar to Warframe and even to some extent Destiny. The only way that I think I would’ve passed on The Division 2 is if it was set on another planet. We have just had this overload of these outer space, sci-fi games this entire generation, it’s been pretty crazy. Even Call of Duty got in on that action. It’s gotten to the point where a generic military shooter seems interesting again.

So anyways, that’s really it for now. I’ll get back with something else when I can. I’m not even entirely sure if I want to drop Black Desert Online just yet. I’ve been tired of it. I say this and then I’m probably going to go and play it again for a few hours after this. Who knows, we’ll see. May everyone have a glorious week. Hopefully I can get back with Far Cry New Dawn.

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