Far Cry New Dawn – New Far Cry, New Yawn

I’m going to start things off here differently than I usually do. I want to say that while I didn’t particularly hate Far Cry New Dawn, I don’t think that I was really too fond of it either. I’m going to try to get into it with a little bit of depth, but try to bear with me. I felt that the game was absolutely mediocre at best. So ultimately, trying to find the energy to write about this one has been incredibly rough for myself. Keep in mind, if you are someone who hasn’t played Far Cry 5 (and to some extent New Dawn) yet there may possibly be spoiled. If you don’t care then, well, go right ahead and read away.



Beginning with the story, the game continues off of where Far Cry 5 left off. The world is basically blown up. Far Cry New Dawn is essentially a new take on the Far Cry series in that it’s the first post-apocalyptic game in the series. In New Dawn, you play as a silent protagonist character called “Captain”, who you are able to customize to a certain extent. You are essentially a part of a group who is on their way to help rebuild Hope County. On the way there they are attacked by a group called the “Highwaymen”, whom are led by a pair of twins (named Mickey and Lou). This is where I took my first beef with the game. I honestly thought that this was the worst pair of antagonists in the Far Cry series. They were just uninteresting and boring. I felt they were hyped up, and then immediately let down. There was something far more interesting about Joseph Seed. There was a very creepy vibe to the whole New Dawn ‘cult’ thing. I just don’t think that the Highwaymen as a whole were all that inspired. It was like a sad attempt at being Mad Max.
Being able to have a companion returns in the game as well, though you can only use one at a time now. In Far Cry 5 you were able to have two at once. I honestly felt that this was a bit detrimental. There were some characters who I wanted to use, but ultimately found the dog to be the most useful since it would spot enemies. I felt that this made it easier to clear outposts, which inevitably resulted in me not bothering to use anyone else. I think that being able to have two people come with you would have been a lot better in the long run.


In terms of the gameplay, it’s Far Cry you won’t be surprised. The same old first-person shooting gameplay that you’ve come to expect over the years. The only main difference between Far Cry New Dawn and 5 is that in New Dawn you get to build up Prosperity. You can upgrade several buildings inside the base. These upgrades benefit your character by boosting certain stats and allowing you to create new weapons, explosives, and vehicles.
There are also the expedition missions, it added more things to do on top of the typical redundancy of clearing outposts, which ironically have a reason to reset now. Every time that you reset an outpost it gets more difficult but also will reward you with more Ethanol to upgrade Prosperity. It’s all relevant but it does grow very tiresome after a while.  This is one of my main gripes with the game, it just got really old, really fast.


So then there is the actual world design in New Dawn. It’s surprisingly very well done, but it seems like there isn’t a lot to it. It definitely feels smaller than Far Cry 5. I do like that the treasure hunts returned, I thought that these were easily the best part of Far Cry 5, and I heartily welcomed them in New Dawn. For me, I felt that they were the most enjoyable part of the game.
Graphically wise, it looks incredibly nice. There is a nice color to everything, however, it can essentially feel like a purple overload at times. I’m not sure if this was to harken back to Blood Dragon or something, but it felt unnecessary. This is just another gripe that I had, I personally preferred the vibe that Far Cry 5 gave off a lot more.

Any technical issues, I can’t remember any off of the top of my head honestly. If other people had problems, then I wouldn’t dispute them. I personally played on Xbox One, if that matters. For an Ubisoft soft game it ran fine, felt fine, it was overall fine for me. So that’s fine!


So that’s all I really had to say Far Cry New Dawn. If you’re wondering why it took me so long to write about it, it’s because I thought the game was boring. I wanted to like it, I really did. I just didn’t. I found myself struggling to play through it, and by the time I was about 3 missions away from the end, I just had to crush through it as fast as I could otherwise I probably would have just given up. In my honest opinion, this has been the most disappointing Far Cry game for me. A lot of people recommended that I played it as soon as I possibly could because they wanted to know what I had thought. Well, you can’t see it but I’m shaking my head right now. I think there are multiple things that I want to point to. I didn’t like the gun crafting, or vehicle crafting for that matter. I think that I would have had a better time with that if there was more customization in both categories. Even then, I don’t even think that this would completely rectify the problem either. I think that I found disappointment in the twins as well. I felt that their backstory should have been gone into a lot more. They could have been awesome, but instead fell flat to me. I don’t really know what else to say. I’ll just leave it at saying that I think Far Cry New Dawn is mediocre.

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