40 Hours Into The Division 2


So I was really debating about how to write about this one. With how The Division 2 actually is, I felt that my standard ways of going about writing wouldn’t do it just. I’ve put in a little over 40 hours thus far, and I honestly can say that I’ve been enjoying the game thoroughly. I’ve been relatively busy, but I’m still trying to get in as much time as I can with the game. It’s pretty fun.

At this point in time, I’m currently at the Campus stronghold. I’ve been doing a lot of side questing, as well as the old Ubisoft ‘collectathon’. It hasn’t been as detrimental as I remember the first Division, in terms of collectibles, at the very least. There has been a lot more interesting things to do on the open world. I really enjoy the side quests. I feel they are well-made with at least thought put into them, as opposed to fetch, fetch, fetch quests.

Everything in the game feels pretty solid, as I said earlier in the week it’s not as buggy as the beta was, however, I should acknowledge that there was a few times where I would get stuck in random things on the world map. The only thing that seemed to fix this issue was fast traveling somewhere else. Kind of annoying, but what do you expect…it’s Ubisoft.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Sorry this one took me a while to write about. It’s been hectic, and I haven’t gotten as much time into The Division 2 as I would have liked to. I should be getting more into it during the week. I have been busy with college tests and whatnot, so, it’ll be nice to be able to sit back down and play some damn games for more than a couple of hours again. That should be soon. Anyways, I’ll be trying to get back into The Division 2, so I’ll probably be writing about it yet again in the future.

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