South Park: The Fractured But Whole (NS) Season Pass

After spending a great deal of time playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole, I found myself wanting to give the game’s Season Pass a shot. In terms of what it has to offer, there is a decent amount of content. But, I’m not entirely sure if I’m comfortable enough to say that its worth $29.99. I did find enjoyment from the DLC, however, I just think that they didn’t offer enough in terms of content value.

So, focusing on the DLC that isn’t a costume pack, I guess I’ll start with the Danger Deck add-on. This DLC is a series of difficult fights. Completing these fights will reward you with different items and costumes.  These rewards can be used on any of your playthroughs, so I don’t think you would have to worry about going through the battles again. I would honestly say that Danger Deck is definitely for anyone who enjoys a good challenge. But, on a personal level, this one just isn’t for me.


Now getting into the DLC with story, I suppose I’ll start with From Dusk Till Casa Bonita. I should mention that I went into this DLC with my character having around 580 Might, and found some of the battles to be relatively difficult – but not impossible. The DLC is set in the Casa Bonita restaurant, and has you helping Mysterion – who need you to help him rescue his sister from the Vamp Kids.

In terms of what the content itself offers. You are able to recruit the combat buddy Henrietta, and you are also given a new class called Netherborn. I wasn’t entirely a fan of Henrietta, but, I did find the Netherborn class to be pretty awesome – mainly because of that sweet scythe attack. It’s worth noting that there are several mini-games available in this DLC, with all of them being available in Casa Bonita’s arcade. The arcade itself can be accessed after reaching a certain point in the DLC’s story. Playing these mini-games will reward you with tickets, which you can use to purchase different items. Outside of all of that, there is also a number of different people whom you can take selfies with throughout Casa Bonita. And also a few more who are available upon completion.

So – as for the restaurant design and anything technical, I honestly liked the vibe to Casa Bonita. It was definitely interesting. I enjoyed the atmosphere of Casa Bonita, and found the music to be entertaining. But, I feel that the DLC is flawed by the FPS drops. When you are in the main part of the Casa Bonita restaurant, the game’s framerate dips to an unbearable state. It doesn’t make the DLC unplayable, but, it was still an issue that I had found to be very annoying.

The question now is: What are my final thoughts on From Dusk Till Casa Bonita? Well, I honestly enjoyed the story, I thought it was the highlight of the DLC. Everything else, however, it is what it is. It’s a short DLC. I think it took me less than 3 hours to complete everything within From Dusk Till Casa Bonita. I enjoyed it, but, yes – it’s very short.


Moving on to the Bring the Crunch DLC, I actually found this to be the best add-on in the Season Pass. I don’t think that this DLC felt as difficult as From Dusk Till Casa Bonita, but, I did go into this one with around 780 Might. The DLC takes place at Lake Tardicaca, with the story revolving around searching for camp counsellors so that the camp doesn’t get shut down. It includes the new party member, Mintberry Crunch, and offers a new class called ‘Final Girl’. There are also extra side quests available throughout the DLC that reward you with badges. Collecting all of these badges will give you sash upgrades, which will reward you with a very strong Artifact after collecting all 6 of them.

I found this DLC to have a relatively creepy atmosphere, with constant vibes of 1980s horror films. There is still humor, with references to the cartoon Scooby Doo on occasion, but, the overall feel of the DLC is very dark. I feel that it’s worth mentioning that this DLC runs noticeably better than the Casa Bonita one. Everything is pretty smooth, and overall, was a pretty solid experience.

So, I guess closing in on my thoughts of Bring the Crunch – It’s okay. Like the Casa Bonita DLC, the story is the best part. I would say that it’s around the same length as Casa Bonita, taking me around 3 hours to complete everything. I loved the overall horror vibe of the DLC, but, I think that the short length could bother someone.


So in closing, I think that the Season Pass is an okay purchase, however, I feel that someone who likes the game will get more enjoyment out this. It doesn’t offer a whole lot in terms of content, but, there is something about the story. I do feel that I enjoyed the story of both of the DLCs a lot, but, I just don’t know about the pricing. I guess that I just feel the price of the Season Pass, is really the hardest part to defend. $29.99 is kind of expensive for only 6 or 7 hours-worth of gameplay. If you can look past all of that – then yes, I’d say it’s worth trying out. I guess overall, it may be better to wait for a price drop on the South Park: Fractured But Whole’s Season Pass.


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