A Case of the Mondays

After finishing up with South Park: The Fractured But Whole last week, I kind of found myself hopping around playing a few different games. There hasn’t really been too much out recently that I found myself interested in at the immediate moment, but, there are still a few games I’d like to get to in time. It’s just a matter of motivation. Anyways, I’ll just get to what I’ve been up to.


Starting with games on the Nintendo Switch, I went back and played Civilization VI. I honestly have to say that as great as I find this game to be, I kind of wish that it came with the Rise and Fall expansion. With the recent announcement of Civilization VI’s second expansion (titled Gathering Storm) coming in February, it honestly made me wonder if the Switch version will get any of the expansions. It’s still a really good game, and I suppose it is technically a possibility. Especially when you consider that Rise and Fall will be going to iOS, I guess that I would say it would come to the Nintendo Switch at some point in the future. It’s all just a matter of when. Regardless of what I think, I still find the game to be quite enjoyable, but, I wish they would tell us if the future expansions will be released on the Switch.


So moving away from that, I went back and messed around with the Resident Evil Remake on PlayStation 4. I wanted to get a feel for the first Remake in preparation for when the Resident Evil 2 Remake releases. I don’t think that the Remake has aged that badly, but it has its moments. I found the movement to feel relatively strange, considering that the camera is fixed. I did still appreciate the games atmosphere, it really held up well in terms of how creepy the mansion feels. It’s really strange. You just don’t see games like Resident Evil anymore.


Moving on to what I’ve been doing going into this week, I went back and messed around with Skyrim on the PlayStation 4. It’s amazing what 7 years can do. As bad as Fallout 76 feels, there is something very smooth about Skyrim. I created a new game, primarily playing as a mage-type character, and found that the game holds up well. Now, I should mention that I downloaded a bunch of random mods on the PlayStation 4 as well, but, for what it’s worth, I found that the game is still pretty darn solid.


So I guess that’s it for now. I had been playing a bit of Final Fantasy XIV, but there isn’t really too much going on there. It’s more like just playing to do the game’s weekly stuff, then going on to play other things. There are a few more games on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch that I’d like to get to, but I haven’t really been in the mood to start any of them. It’s all stuff on my backlog, and I do plan on getting into them at some point. It’s all just a matter of when. Anyways, that’s all there really is for now. Until next time, back to the grind.

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