Tetris 99 is Awesome

It's safe to assume that most people know what Tetris is. Tetris 99 puts an extra spin on the iconic puzzle game. It does this by adding a multiplayer component that would be best compared to the style of battle royale genre games...except with Tetris. The seemingly addictive gameplay can basically be summed up as … Continue reading Tetris 99 is Awesome


Gaming Adventure Update VI

So here we are with another fine week in gaming. It’s been relatively interesting as of late. The possibility of Microsoft bringing Xbox Live to other platforms, like the Nintendo Switch, is something I wanted to touch base on. I think that this might be the start of something, depending on how it plays out. … Continue reading Gaming Adventure Update VI

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – A Return to a Classic

The Tales series is one that I’ve been familiar with ever since I had played Tales of Destiny on the PlayStation One. Most of the role-playing games that I played as a kid were turn-based, but the Tales games were different. These were the games that introduced me to the action RPG genre in the … Continue reading Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – A Return to a Classic

Onimusha: Warlords Remastered – Return to Castle Inabayama

The Onimusha series is one of those long forgotten Capcom franchises from the early part of the 2000s. With every Capcom remaster, I had always wondered when it was going to be Onimusha’s turn. These games weren’t perfect by any means, but they offered something incredibly unique. Think of it as a mix between Devil … Continue reading Onimusha: Warlords Remastered – Return to Castle Inabayama

L.A. Noire Remaster – Trial by Jury (NS)

Playing L.A. Noire again was something of a blast from the past for me.  It was a game that I remember enjoying a lot back when it had originally released back in 2011.I remember there was something very appealing about the game. There was always something that I had found interesting about it. There was … Continue reading L.A. Noire Remaster – Trial by Jury (NS)

Gaming Adventure Update: II

Time for another gaming update! It’s been a pretty busy week on the gaming front, a lot of stuff to talk about. But first, I wanted to talk about Bungie’s split from Activision. First of all, congratulations to Bungie for getting away from the shackles of Activision. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens … Continue reading Gaming Adventure Update: II