Tetris 99 is Awesome

It’s safe to assume that most people know what Tetris is. Tetris 99 puts an extra spin on the iconic puzzle game. It does this by adding a multiplayer component that would be best compared to the style of battle royale genre games…except with Tetris.

Finished Game of Tetris 99

The seemingly addictive gameplay can basically be summed up as Tetris verse 99 other players. You spin your blocks around and fit the pieces along to drop blocks onto your opponents. You’re able to target other players as well. Though how this works, I’m not entirely certain (I personally just get the targeting on random). Aside from that, it’s Tetris.

It’s Literally Tetris

There is an extra element to the game with leveling. Playing games will level you up. I’m not sure if it does anything…it doesn’t really seem like it. The game keeps track of all of your statistics. Things like: Total Play Time; your Singles; Doubles; Triples; Wins; Losses. It keeps track of everything. Let’s just leave it at that.

Yep, More Tetris!

So, there isn’t really a lot to say. This is a game where I feel that you shouldn’t be looking at what I’m saying, you should just go and play it for yourself to see what you think. You might hate Tetris, I don’t know. At the very least the game itself is free, however, you do need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to be able to play it (since it’s an online multiplayer game). I highly recommend that anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription does try it. It is pretty darn fun!


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