Tetris 99 is Awesome

It's safe to assume that most people know what Tetris is. Tetris 99 puts an extra spin on the iconic puzzle game. It does this by adding a multiplayer component that would be best compared to the style of battle royale genre games...except with Tetris. The seemingly addictive gameplay can basically be summed up as … Continue reading Tetris 99 is Awesome


Gaming Adventure Update VI

So here we are with another fine week in gaming. It’s been relatively interesting as of late. The possibility of Microsoft bringing Xbox Live to other platforms, like the Nintendo Switch, is something I wanted to touch base on. I think that this might be the start of something, depending on how it plays out. … Continue reading Gaming Adventure Update VI

Resident Evil 2 Remake – A Glorious Return to Survival Horror

The original Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation was always one of the scariest games that I remember from my childhood. Atmospherically, the game had a very dark tone to it. There was something chilling about the characters, the enemies, and the overall setting of the game. There was always this tense feeling like something … Continue reading Resident Evil 2 Remake – A Glorious Return to Survival Horror